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Is There Really A Scent For Every Occasion?

Just how many types of perfume does a woman need? I had just seen the biggest perfume collection in my entire life. I am not just talking five to ten bottles of perfume here. I had just counted 42 bottles of perfume, bottles of all kinds of shape, form and color; small, big, tall, short, rounded, flat, you name it she’s got it. She’s got the usual brands; Dior, Chloe, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Viktor & Rolf. There were also brands of perfume I haven’t even heard of such as Thierry Mugler and Frederic Malle.

chanel cologneI was astounded, lost for words. How can someone accumulate this many perfumes? Even at a very conservative $50 a bottle, that is at least $2,000 worth of perfume on that shelf. The friend of mine tried to explain, saying how there is a scent for every occasion and each one is unique. She tries not to use the same one more than once a day when she goes out. She also says she remembers how each one smells like and the scent that it gives.

Her passion for perfume and knowledge of her collection is admirable. It is apparent she has spent considerable time, effort and money in something that she is interested in. I also learnt about how different perfumes have specific top notes and base notes. Some have a more floral scent, others have a fruity smell and some have aquatic notes. None of them smell similar and they all have subtle differences that make each one unique. Astonishingly, she could tell me exactly what each scent consists of! 

To her, perfume is not just something you put on to smell nice when you go out. It is more than that. It has to match the dress, the occasion, the event and the people she is with. All that effort goes into what perfume she wears for a particular day. Even if she just goes to the shops for a little while, she carefully chooses her perfume to go along with her outfit. There’s one for the movies, and another for a walk along the beach. Any situation you can think of, she’s got a perfume to match. She even recommended a cologne for my husband! I have been wanting to get him a cologne since forever but have always put it aside because I do not know which one to get. She asked me to refer to this guide to choosing men’s cologne to find out the best cologne for men for every season. 

In total, I spent around 2 hours getting acquainted with the various perfumes she had. Even then, I could not get through her entire collection. I can only imagine how long it took her to do so. She says it took her about 2 years to accumulate this many. She is still open to buying more if she comes across a perfume she does not have. However, the scent has to be very unique and something that is not close to what she already has.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself learning about her collection and interest in perfumes. It opened my eyes and my senses to a whole new experience and have learnt to appreciate perfume on a whole new level. I never knew so much effort went into choosing a perfume. I might just go get one for myself now.